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"Preserve the memory forever!"

Finally, you have done it! You saved up enough money, and took your dream vacation out west where you bagged your huge trophy. Before you even harvested it, you knew you were going to have it mounted. That specimen will look beautiful in your trophy room. It truly is exciting, and rewarding taking a once in a life time harvest. Keeping that in mind, do you want just any taxidermist mounting it?

Did you know that taxidermists in the state of Pennsylvania are required by law to be licensed? In order to be licensed in the state of Pennsylvania they are required to take an exam performed by the PA Game Commission. Unfortunately, when some taxidermists do not pass the required test they take in work anyway, illegally. Some taxidermists do in fact have many years of experience, but they are using methods as old as when they first started. Some are really good taxidermists, but take in too much work and thus hire outside “apprentices” that are just learning, to mount specimens for them. Do you really want someone that is just learning mounting a trophy that you’ve invested a lot of time and money on?

At Chad’s Taxidermy Studio we use the most current, and proven methods on every specimen we take in. By using the best supplies possible, we can assure our clients a mount that they can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Every specimen is mounted as if it were going to be entered in a taxidermy competition. Therefore, you will be receiving competition quality mounts. Chad Donihi truly is an artist when it comes to displaying the natural beauty of each specimen. With so much invested in the harvest of your trophy, wouldn’t you like to preserve the memory forever?